Award-Winning Producer and Director for Independent Film Projects. I’ve been directing since 1993.

A s long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with movies. Over 25 years of producer and director experience from all levels of production ranging from limited-budget hobby projects to medium-budget professional projects has given me the knowledge and experience to help you get your film to the world. Contact me today to see how we could work together.

What Can I Do For You?

Must-Have Services for Your Next Film Project:

Directing is my #1 PASSION! You may have a great idea for a film, or you may be a writer with a great script, or you may be a new or first-time filmmaker and just need some help bringing your vision into reality. I can help you do this with my 25+ years Directing experience. As a Director, I can take your film vision and turn it into a reality by helping you put all the necessary puzzle pieces into place. From setting the film scenes to constructing shots to directing your actors, and I can either Direct your film entirely or guide you step-by-step as you Direct your own film.


There are a lot of moving parts in filmmaking and PLANNING is KEY to a SMOOTH RUNNING filmmaker experience! As an experienced Producer, I can identify and handle logistical problems during your filming that you might never have thought existed. Think of a Producer as a ``Project Manager`` or ``Event Planner`` for your production. As a creative Filmmaker, a Producer takes all these ``management`` tasks off your plate, then organizes and manages them for you so nothing is ever forgotten or mis-scheduled.

Shot Lists

Scene coverage and shot choices are critical in being able to tell the story in a way the audience can follow along. From shot choices, such as Closeups, movement and angles, YOU NEED TO KNOW what and how you're shooting in your film, and shots are rarely shot in ``script order``. Professional filmmakers shoot their scenes in the most logistical, financial and time efficient manner possible. Based on the script breakdown, we create list of shots and arrange them in the most productive, economical and feasible way possible for your film.

Script Review & Breakdown

The Script is a BLUEPRINT FOR YOUR FILM, and a breakdown of your script into elements containing all details on props, characters, wardrobe, scenes, sets, etc. ensures everything you need for each scene is expected and available when you need it. This is NOT an optional step if you want your production to run smoothly, and it needs to be properly prepared before you begin shooting. Without a script breakdown it is very difficult to set an accurate budget or a schedule, and can hinder obtaining film financing and investor interest. I closely coordinate with you to ensure you have necessary processes in place so you can approach investors.

Scheduling, Callsheets & Sides

You MUST KEEP your cast and crew informed at all times during filming! Once a shotlist is established, an efficient working schedule is created based on your film's daily location, cast/crew availability, scene setup, as well as any last minute changes that might have come up. These schedules and callsheets are created and sent out to cast and crew daily with all revisions or updates to the schedule. This document is crucial for your cast and crew for a smooth production, however, it is an extremely time-consuming task for a filmmaker who really should be focusing on the creative areas of his or her film.

Technical & Creative Advisor

Based on my 25+ years in production in low to mid production budgets, often there are times where alternative, more economical ways are needed to make a shot or scene happen without breaking your film's budget. With my extensive knowledge of creative modifications, there are many ways I can lessen costs but get the same or better result for a shot or scene. I help you determine the best ways around these obstacles, which can reduce your budget's bottom line.

Cast & Crew Cataloging

Every production needs a Cast and Crew Catalog. This Catalog is the breakdown of your entire film into cast, crew, locations, wardrobe sizes, character descriptions, contact info, etc. It gives you an overall view of your film logistically ALL IN ONE PLACE. It is a crucial but time-consuming piece of the production puzzle, and gives an overall snapshot of your film. This item is a must-have when putting together your funding proposal, and next to the script is the single most important document in your film.


You need to realistically know how much your film is going to cost to make. Based on your script breakdown and schedule and using professional, industry standard budgeting software, I can create a realistic budget for you which will ultimately tell you if you can or can't make the film in the way you would like. It is also needed to determine the level of financial investment you will need to go after.

I combine specific skills and services that are best suited for Independent Filmmaking and Guerilla Filmmaking.

In All Cases – Offer Advice and Teach what I know

What People Are Saying...

"...I always thought you a very good producer. I say that because so few people have the BALLS to ask for stuff and if they do they TOTALLY LACK organizational skills. You are also a good editor (which means you CAN direct) You have "Vision" that you intend to execute."

- Jeremiah Baumbach

"Michael is a highly skilled videographer and a valued and trusted partner. He is incredibly committed, fair, and always meets his deadlines.He is a joy work with and is always pleasant and positive. Can not recommend Michael and his services highly enough."

- John Davies

Michael provides excellent results in a timely fashion in a budget-concious manner. He quickly grasps what is trying to be achieved and brings wonderful technical skill and creative talent to the project.

- Mike Brezette

"Michael and I had the wonderful opportunity to work together on creating new B-Roll for not only Cheyenne Mountain Resort, but for the Clorado Springs CVB as well. His commitment to capturing the "moment" that promotes our destination is second to none. We accumulated several hundred hours of footage that will promote our destination for the years to come. "

- John Branciforte

Michael always does a great job with the videos that he produces. He has shown a remarkable sense of creativity in his work along with profound professionalism.

- Paul Read

"A true professional that knows the end goal of every project, but is always open and encouraging regarding ideas and full collaboration to enhance the work being done”

- Michael Aron

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Michael recently on industrial project. He was organized, professional, patient, creative and I found him to be an excellent communicator with cast and crew on set. I would highly recommend him in a Director role and I look forward to being able to work with him again on future projects."

- Danielle Bowman

"Michael is such a blessing to work with! He is not only passionate.. he’s incredibly professional and truly first class!"

- Kate Suggs

" From technical to artistic direction, Michael’s patience, professionalism, and kindness make any project a real success."

- Susi Rivera

"Hello Micheal, I would like to take this time to thank you for being an amazing Director, Producer and A Drone specialist. I love working with you and would recommend you to everyone that might need these services. Thank you."

- Darin Ferraro

"Working with Michael Speigner for our first short, Behind The Scenes, was such a wonderful experience! He is very knowledgeable, professional and makes sure everything is in order so no time is wasted. The filming ran like a well oiled machine and we finished early! We are more than pleased with the final product!"

- Brenda Ingraham

Let me help you with logistics so you can concentrate on creativity

Independent filmmaking is not like any other style of making movies. Many of the roles, processes and procedures that larger productions and studios employ are simply not feasible when it comes to making independent  films. There are great films that can be made using Guerrilla-style filmmaking. But even a low budget film needs some degree of organization and you can’t do it all yourself. If you are having to wear many hats to make a film, something is going to get missed. This is where I can help!


Directing the EMMY-Nominated HorrorscapeS, 2011

Friends For Dinner

48 Film Project Horror Film, 2018

Behind the Scenes

Directing actors on a Short Comedy for an Orlando Independent Film Challenge 2019